Company Profile

Corporate History

Nippon Unit Corporation was the first in Japan to receive a patent for channel brush manufacturing equipment and this is the foundation for channel brushes manufactured by all brush manufacturers in Japan for not only industrial brushes but also brushes used for golf courses, general household channel mats, (brushes for upkeep,) and many more applications.
The Company was also the first in the world to USE Abrasive filaments to produce industrial brushes, and these brushes are used main by the auto mobile companies in Japan and all over the world.
1885 Company founder, Hisataro Niizaki, establishes the company to manufacture brushes. 
1943 Nizaki Industries Corporation established with Fukusaburo Niizaki as president.
1956 Dec Hakkou Manufactory,Inc established accompanying reorganization as a corporation and with capital of 500,000 yen.
1958 May Factory established in Ota Ward, Tokyo, capital increased to 2 million yen.
1958 Aug Company name changed to Nippon Unit Industry,Inc
1959 Sep Capital increased to 6 million yen
1962 Jun Capital increased to 18 million yen
1963 Mar Chigasaki Factory new construction site 4,828 sq. yds.
1963 May Established the Nippon Unit Industry, Inc establishment commemoration day.
1964 Mar Capital is increased to 45 million yen to expand operations.
1966 Jan Chigasaki Factory is expanded.
1966 Sep Accompanying the completion of the Niizaki Building, headquarters is established in the Niizaki Building at 5-2-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
1974 Jun Tokyo Ota Factory closed due to expropriation by an electric power company.
1976 Jan Chigasaki Factory remodeled and expanded, Ota Factory relocated and closed.
1982 Jul Chigasaki Factory enlarged accompanying expansion of operations.
1990 Sep Capital increased to 50 million yen.
1991 Jan Company reorganized into Nippon Unit Corporation.
1996 Jul Headquarters moved to Chigasaki.
1997 Mar Yuichiro Niizaki elected president at the general shareholders meeting.